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“Come down, cried the hero’s wife”

I was struck to my core when I saw this beautiful picture. I immediately recognized myself

as both the hero’s wife and the hero. My definition of hero has been a male warrior leading with the mind and disconnected from the beating blood of my own heart. When I am so busy out there in the world that I make no time or space to listen to ‘her’, my own feminine knowing is bereft and abandoned. When I do not value (or question the value of ) my heart’s truth, that we desperately need beauty and soul expressions to connect to spirit and each other, I devalue ‘her’.

Within me is the idea that I need to be facing the dark, pain, chaos and horror of the world on the front lines and at war with it to be a hero and make a difference (win the war against violence against women, poverty, profits at the expense of people......). I want to believe in a different kind of hero that is heart centered and not sacrificing what I love to be an ‘old story’ hero. I want to be the feminine shero that changes the world by NOT forsaking what I love to fight against the wrongs, but fighting BY loving what I love. We all have gifts that need to be honored. The work in the world facing the dark engaging head on as well as the work of keeping us connected to beauty and what has heart.

The masculine father part of me needs to know that the war is in the heart on the earth not in the mind controlling others. But softly, tenderly, fiercely holding onto what I believe. My shero knows that we are all one and interconnected and dependent upon the song of our souls being given freedom to soar, resonating with other souls around the world, raising a tsunami of sound that will crash through the walls of all the keeps us apart and hurting each other because love is stronger than fear.

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