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What is a muscle knot, why does it happen and what you can do to re

Muscle tension that is held for any length of time gets used to being constricted and can be felt as a knot. Often, muscle tension comes from emotional stress, an overload of responsibilities or physical exertion without stretching out before and or after a workout or challenge. Taking a deep breath reminds the body it's OK to relax. Gently moving the knotted area (rolling the shoulders or folding forward to stretch the back) while breathing right into the tense area can immediately bring some relief. Giving yourself a massage around the knot can help loosen up the muscles and invite the knot to soften. Warm baths and heating pads are great if the area is not hot or inflamed and icepacks if it is. You can also use an essential oil cream like Deep Blue to massage into the skin that acts like an icy hot but is all natural. If the knot is due to an injury rubbing Arnica cream on it can help reduce the trauma.

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