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what to do with the pain of the world?

As we move towards winter we feel the descending energy dropping us down into colder times with longer, darker days. Some people experience this as depressing. With the pain of the world so present with the local mass shooting, war in the middle east, Ukraine, the fires, floods, pollution, extinctions, many of us are are feeling a deep grief for the world. As we should, because we are connected to everything. I think it is important to not get confused with thinking this is all about you or that there is something wrong with you for feeling so raw or sad or mad.

So what can we do with what can sometimes be overwhelming despair? It is helpful for me to notice and allow myself to feel the sadness, frustration and helplessness. I tend to have a build up of unprocessed emotions about things beyond my control that really needs release. When I ask my sister or a friend to listen to me cry and give expression to the pain, it opens the door for me to take some kind of action, however small to remedy the pain of the world. And that helps me recenter back into my intention to be a positive influence. 

It may be listening to another and encouraging them to have a good cry. It could be sending a donation to an organization doing good work in one of these areas I feel the pain. It could be lighting a candle and saying a prayer to the healing of the Earth and people who are suffering. Often it is helpful for me to creatively express what I am feeling through a poem, song or piece of art. Working with people in my massage practice and yoga classes can be a sweet reminder that we are all in this together and that moving our bodies and releasing tension helps us to be more available to love. Sometimes it is writing to you, to share what bits of wisdom I have gleaned over the years.

I believe we are literally children of the Earth who feel the pain of the world and that healing the Earth and our people is all of our responsibility. Small acts of kindness, big leaps of faith following what your heart compels you to do, being present and being a channel for the release of the pain of the world through tears, love, actions is the way through these dark times. And always shining your light on the limitless gifts of being alive with gratitude. Appreciating your connections with others, the beauty in nature, and having the capacity to choose to honor the sacredness of life with small choices every day. Hugging your loved ones, buying local, living simply, listening for understanding, helping a many ways.

May we all lean into the truth of being connected to everything. May we all listen to the voice of love and be guided by spirit to make the world a little better. May we all contribute the gifts that we are, turning the tide towards creating “a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”(a phrase from Charles Eisenstein that I find very hopeful). It is in the taking action, however small, that we change the trajectory of our world towards love.

May it be so, Katey


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