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Releasing trauma knots

Many clients are coming to sessions now having done a lot of counseling or processing of trauma. They find that their bodies are still holding the trauma and that bringing touch, attention, compassionate, tender tending to the specific places that may be holding patterns of hurt can release the trauma knots. Through breathing, relaxing and having a conversation with the body the restricted areas soften, open and release. This process frees the body, mind spirit to experience the present moment more fully and less filtered by the pain of the past.

Our bodies have miraculous healing capacities that we can support or interfere with. Deep gentle breathing, healthy food, physical exercise, being in nature, being with loved ones who make you feel safe and cared for, playing, music, dancing, creatively expressing yourself are all way to support our inherent healing capacities to grow. Being stressed, over extending ourselves, eating poorly, sitting too much, being on the computer pulled into social media or other addictive behaviors block our natural ability to heal. We can practice supporting our body/mind/spirit thriving or not. It is a choice we make every day.

At Halls Pond Healing Arts you can get a massage to unlock and release trauma knots with focused attention on you for an hour. You can come to a yoga class that teaches you how to breathe, move, focus on the positive and release patterns of holding through practicing yoga. Contact Katey for info about yoga classes and to set up an appointment for massage at


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