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Cranial Sacral Bliss

Many people who experience Cranial Sacral Therapy say they feel like they are being supported in a way that allows their whole system to relax. The gentle, slow, focused way the head and spinal column are held and given time, permission and encouragement to let go of tense, rigid or restricted places is powerful.

Cerebral spinal fluid flows between the skull and the sacrum through the spinal column. When the cranial sacral system is interfered with by injury, tension, poor posture or emotional trauma it can result in restrictions that disrupt the self healing capacity of the body. Cranial Sacral Therapy sessions support the central nervous system to self correct to improve whole body health and performance.

Cranial Sacral sessions are done fully clothed lying on your back on the massage table. These sessions are extremely helpful and can reduce pain and stress, strengthen your resistance to disease and enhance your health and well-being.

Schedule a session at 207-890-9622

What people say after receiving Cranial Sacral Therapy

"I have never felt like I did during the session. When you held my head I felt completely at ease and my whole body relaxed."

"Thank you for the session today! I am not hearing the high pitched ringing in my ears and do not have head pain or pressure that I have been living with for a long time."

"Cranial Sacral is so subtle. I noticed my whole body was a lot looser and flexible. I could move with a lot more ease."

I look forward to seeing you, Katey

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