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New Beginnings

Every day you have the opportunity to choose to start fresh.

To see the sun rise, the beauty of nature, to notice that actually more is working well in your life than is not and focus on that. Beginning anew means seeing things with curiosity and wonder and not assuming you know (what is going to happen, what they are thinking..). When we start anew we open our eyes to the little miracles that are the hidden gems in our everyday lives. We don't take all the many blessings for granted. Being able to heat our homes in the midst of a winter day, drink clean potable water flowing through the spigots, having food to eat, and people we love in our lives.

It is human to struggle, we all do. And, you have the choice every day to put attention on the things that are hard or to lift your heart up to something that inspires you. Setting intentions for yourself to smile, to be present, to look other people in the eye with trust can warm your heart and bring you back to the beautiful truth of your inherent essence. When we choose to release the hold of the past in our body, minds and spirits we are freed to experience what is happening in the moment with less static and fear.

Practicing compassion for yourself and others reminds us that we are all connected and affecting each other all the time. Grounding, heart opening practices that bring you together with others supports the whole world shifting to a more kind, generous and loving place. Gift yourself with the grace of investing in what brings you peace, joy and connection. Begin again, every day, tenderly tending your body, mind and spirit with love. My prayer for you is to shine, to heal from any hurts, and know you are worthy~ this is your birthright. You are always welcome to join us at Halls Pond Healing Arts for yoga, massage, dance and connecting. Many blessings to you and yours, Katey

Dance your Heart, Body and Soul AWAKE!

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