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Autumn insights

October and the light is diminishing, the red, yellow and orange leaves are falling and the crisp winds are blowing a cooler season in. The last of the gardens are being harvested, eaten, preserved or composted. It is a time of reflection as we start our first fires and settle in a bit earlier with the shorter days.

Autumn invites us to celebrate the successes of our year with a colorful hurrah much like the brilliant leaves on the trees. It asks us what we are proud of, what we have taken joy in and what we hold in the highest esteem in ourselves, our work and others ~and honor these things with attention. When we are clear about what we love it is easier to see what no longer serves us.

Fall encourages an inventory of what is no longer wanted, needed or appreciated in our lives to be effortlessly released back to the universe to be composted. Clutter clearing all aspects of our lives to live more simply attuned to our own truth supports us in being the beautiful beings we are with less distractions and confusions.

So many practices assist with attuning to your inner essence. Meditation can take all forms including going for a walk and really noticing the beauty, sitting quietly breathing, counting your breaths, watching a candle. Yoga releases tensions from the body, mind and spirit allowing us to experience deep peace and presence. Bodywork can clear all manner of build up of tensions, toxins and traumas from the body. Dance too can move denser material out of the system so we can experience more freedom.

Most importantly is to practice listening within to your inner wisdom and follow the silver stream of insight towards being who you really are at your core.

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