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Halls Pond Healing Arts nurtures the innate capacity for transformative healing, freeing the body, mind, and spirit, for authentic connection with self and others, to manifest purpose.

Katey Branch is a loving and compassionate healing artist. She leans into her relationship with the natural world, intuition, creative expression and her practices to bring ease, joy and healing to those who seek her counsel. She has been practicing massage, yoga, dance and co-counseling for thirty-five years. Katey is a poet, singer/songwriter and artist. She believes in cultural transformation through authentic creative expression. She loves her beautiful garden and the blessed place on earth were she makes her home and studio. 

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I found myself in Katey's care at my first ever yoga class. Her warm welcome felt genuine. I began to feel safe as my body eased, my mind stopped racing and fear lost it's grip around my heart. Each day I repeated the stretches and bends I learned in class. Three months later my doctor was amazed by my progress. Six months later another doctor told me that yoga and my determination beat all odds that I might ever have recovered. Thank you! Katey's forever student, ~Vicky Carpenter

"Katey is an incredibly intuitive, gentle and generous healer. I have been fortunate to experience massage by Katey for years now. I keep coming back because of the powerful ways in which Katey uses massage to encourage and support deep relaxation, rejuvenation, intention setting, and even personal transformation. And if you're not into all that, just trust that the massage will be a really, really good one."

Amanda Houtari


"Katey always welcomes you in with her bright smile and big hugs and then, with her nurturing, grounding, sharing of her sacred self and ever fun-loving presences creates a safe space for each person to bring whatever aspect of self that needs attention and healing at that time. Wether I have come for yoga, massage or dance I've always left feeling lighter, brighter and more connected to my sacred self."
Cindy L.

Please text or call 207-890-9622 to schedule appointments or sessions. Thank you!



253 Halls Pond Rd
South Paris, 04281

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