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VINYASA YOGA links breath with movement, bringing balance, strength and flexibility to the body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps align the body, stretch and strengthen the muscles, clear the mind and connect to spirit.


In this practice we sit for a few minutes to ground, becoming present to the body and the breath. We learn to use the Ujayi breath to open, soften and release tension from the body, allowing us to find ease in the poses. Yoga is a gentle and powerful practice that can be done throughout all life stages.


Katey was first introduced to yoga in 1979. Since that time she has been practicing different forms of yoga. She has practiced Gentle Yoga with Paula Gates and 7 years of Ashtanga with Chris Harris. In 2012 Katey received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Amy Figoli at the Shala Institute in Bridgton, Maine.


Wednesdays, 5:30–6:45pm



Thursdays, 5–6:15pm



Thursdays, 10–11:15am

First Class FREE

Drop In: $12

Six week sessions: $60

(good for 3 months)

Private yoga session: $60


Call to schedule classes and sessions at times that are more convenient for you.


"Having taken a hiatus from yoga for almost five years, I was eager to find an instructor and environment that would renew my enthusiasm and guide my practice. I recognized that my body and spirit were in a different place than five years ago...the aging process has its highs and lows. Katey is the right match for me. She is supportive of every person's level of skill, she is knowledgeable of the physicality of yoga, she quietly and gently leads us through the spirituality of yoga, she nurtures joy and brings calm to my life...at least for seventy-five minutes each week! My body, mind, and spirit are once again enjoying the benefits of yoga."
—G.M, Banker

"It is an honor to share this practice that I love. It brings me great joy to teach others a beautiful way to stay healthy."
—Katey Branch

Doctors recommend I continue yoga 
as a lifelong, holistic practice. — Vicky Carpenter

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