Licensed Massage Therapist AMBP


Bodywork relaxes and opens the body to its natural self-healing capacities by softening muscles, improving circulation, oxygenating cells, relieving stress and enhancing muscle and joint function. Katey uses guided imagery to assist people in learning how to relax and release tension that can be stored in the body from past physical and emotional traumas.


SWEDISH MASSAGE uses kneading, stretching and deep massaging of the muscles.


ESALEN AND NEO-REICHIAN METHODS acknowledge that our physical, emotional and spiritual histories live in our bodies. By using deep breathing, pressure and associative imagery, resistance, congestion and pain can be cleared.


JIN SHIN ACUPRESSURE is based on the Chinese Acupuncture meridians system using gentle pressure on acupressure points. Meridians are the energy pathways that flow through the body. Opening the points releases the muscles to breathe and flow in a more natural state.


CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY works with the cerebral spinal fluid that flows from the skull to the sacrum. This is a very gentle, deeply relaxing experience.


ZERO BALANCING works with bone energy using gentle traction and fulcrums to release tension held deep in the bones.


MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE reduces edema with the lightest of touches.


GUIDED IMAGERY supports the client to engage their mind to release tension and bring deep relaxation.



Please contact Katey to make an appointment, info below.

1 hour massage: $65–$100 (sliding scale)



"I find the word massage does not accurately describe the healing work that Katey provides. There are a few rare gems scattered throughout the world of women providing "massage". Katey is one such gem. Katey provides my body with physical healing, but the true reason I am led to her door time and again is for the deeper ways she works. In particular, the way my heart and soul are softened and awakened after each session. Katey is a very intuitive therapist who truly has the healers touch." —Hannah N.


Experience & Education

Heartwood Massage

Heartwood Healing Arts, Garberville, California


Jin Shin Acupressure

Dovestar Institute, New Hampshire


Craniosacral Therapy

Upledger Institute and the National Institute of Craniosacral Studies


Zero Balancing, Summit Spring Holistic Health

Poland, Maine



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