Deep Listening


We all have the opportunity to create a life well lived by being listened to and responding to what arises. Katey offers deep listening counsel and her life experience of creating rituals to honor transitions and life passages. As a healing artist Katey invites you to dive deeply into your experience and truth about what is going on for you in any situation and creatively respond by expressing your self through feelings, art, ritual, song or any way that serves you.


Katey has counseled both individuals and partners dealing with many different issue. She has attended, supported and helped create rituals for and many rites of passage for life transitions, including blessingways (pregnancy), birth, menarche, leaving home, menopause, illness, recovery and death.


Through massage, yoga, dance and deep listening, clients learn to practice relaxation, breathing, self-awareness, conflict resolution and self-expression in order to expand more fully and healthfully into their daily lives.

Sessions, 1½ hour: $65–$80 (sliding scale)

Please contact Katey to discuss your needs and make an appointment.

207-890-9622 or 207-743-2423  |  253 HALLS POND ROAD, SOUTH PARIS, MAINE 04281  |  CONTACT

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