Katey is so radiant and deeply intuitive. She set me right years ago—will never forget that powerful working through and her patience and constancy.  —Beth Jones


I have been honored and blessed to work with Katey Branch in many different formats for many years; yoga, dance, women’s workshops and dōTERRA essential oils. With a heart, presence and energy that radiates and overflows with so much love and generosity, her work as a yoga teacher and bodyworker is a pure reflection of how she lives her life! She possesses deep wisdom and truly embodies compassion, joy and a light that benefits all who come in contact with her.

And her Yoga Studio....well it’s simply a magical sacred space that supports one’s healing journey in such a beautiful and profound way. Tucked away in the woods, each class feels like you’re on a retreat.


I’m so grateful to be connected to this amazing Goddess who is doing powerful and much needed work on the planet!

—Thank you Katey, Kara Seymour


"During a time of significant change, and feeling quite broken, I went to Katey for help. I wanted to be a kinder more compassionate person, as I felt that was at the root of my suffering. Katey radiates kindness and compassion, so I hoped she could help me. I was in no way expecting the immediate and profound transformation I was gifted. With Katey's guidance I was able to heal from very old trauma, stuff I didn't know was there. I emerged from our work free of significant pain, I really didn't know the extent of my pain until it was gone. I've been blessed beyond comprehension by my work with Katey."  —Steve Anderson


"I find the word massage does not accurately describe the healing work that Katey provides. There are a few rare gems scattered throughout the world of women providing "massage". Katey is one such gem. Katey provides my body with physical healing, but the true reason I am led to her door time and again is for the deeper ways she works. In particular, the way my heart and soul are softened and awakened after each session. Katey is a very intuitive therapist who truly has the healers touch." —Hannah Newman


“My hip is healed.  It had become so painful, I thought I would have to give up my life long joy of walking miles and miles.  Within months of practicing gentle yoga, I can confidently take off again on the longest walks my heart desires.”
—Sue Ellen Richardson


When I moved to ME last year, one of the first things I did was to look for my spiritual, yoga and dance communities, i.e.," my peeps"... I found them all with Katey and Halls Pond Healing Arts!


Katey always welcomes you in with her bright smile and big hugs and then, with her nurturing, grounding, sharing of her sacred self and ever fun-loving presence, creates a safe space for each person to bring whatever aspect of self that needs attention and healing at that time. Whether I've come for yoga, massage or dance, I've always left feeling lighter, brighter and more connected to my own sacred self! —Cindy L.


Katey, thank you so much for my left leg. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have movement restored. AMAZING! I can sit and stand and walk! A miracle that was impossible a mere 2 days ago. So much love and thanks. — Lee


Hi Katey, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful massage. I had been in pain for weeks and after the massage, I was able to sit and walk and ski without pain. I ended up being able to drive to the Adirondacks and do a long ski with friends. Before I saw you I was thinking I needed to cancel the trip. Thank you so much! — Betsy McGettigan


Imagine waking one morning knowing something is not right with your body. Nausea pushes you back into your pillow. Your vision wobbles. Someone speaks, and the voice seems far away. Several doctors, tests, and failed treatments later, you learn you have no brain tumor and no evidence of stroke. The diagnosis is that a viral illness killed that wee nerve necessary for hearing in one ear. It's permanent. Another addition to the list of "body losses" that spirals me, yes, me, backwards physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To help correct my loss of balance, ever-present nausea, hollow ringing in my ear, and wandering vision, I'm directed to try tai chi or yoga to retrain my brain into recovery mode.


Thanks to a friend, I found myself in Katey's care at my first ever yoga class. Her warm welcome felt genuine. I began to feel safe as my body eased, my mind stopped racing, and fear lost its grip around my heart. Progressing slowly, I forced myself each day to repeat the stretches and bends learned in class. Not easy. I fell often. Cried more often. And for weeks vomited into a dish pan, my constant companion while exercising.


With Katey's encouragement, I refused to quit. Three months later, one doctor was amazed by my progress. Six months later, another doctor told me that yoga, and my determination, beat all odds that I might ever have recovered. I was his first patient to have not "quit." Yes, lovely to hear, but he was not privy to the greatest gift.


I continue to feel healed as a woman. I fought breast cancer for 11 years and was that first day in Katey's class, a 16-year survivor. I am a woman who practices her strong faith daily, yet illness moved me back into a spirit of broken vulnerability. As I physically grew stronger and emotionally more resilient, I knew I was spiritually in transition easing into a new chapter of living. I like, even love, this present me. She has learned that to care for the "self" enriches every blessing, quiets nagging negativity, and renews each day through hope and promise.


Perhaps something in these words resonates with you, the reader. Doctors recommend I continue yoga as a lifelong, holistic practice. Begin wherever you are in your own life journey, child or grandmother. I smile as I type this, knowing you will be rewarded, surprised as you listen to your body, mind, and soul say, "Thank you."
— Katey's forever student, Vicky Carpenter


For the past three years I have been going to Katey Branch for therapeutic massage treatments. The benefits have been many. One very important improvement: a long time problem in my left knee seems to be completely straightened out. Before treatment there were times I could not bear any weight on my left leg, an orthopedic physician warned that one more incident and she would have to operate and see what was causing the intense pain. This condition was due to a very old injury and being free of the pain is wonderful.


From an auto accident I suffered whiplash in my neck. Massage with Katey also relieved that condition and eventually the pain subsided completely. My right ankle was shattered in a horse related accident. The bones healed nicely but there was residual pain. Over a period of time that too has vanished.


At least every other week I go for a massage (and would go every week if I could afford it!). Although I am 69 years old, I lead a very active life taking care of two boys 6 and 9, giving pony riding lessons and trail rides, caring for three ponies, hiking, etc. The general feeling of well being and the relief of stress make therapeutic massage a necessity, not a luxury.


Katey Branch has such a cheerful and positive personality along with being an extremely competent massage therapist the experience is always pleasant, and I highly recommend her. — Suzanne Thorndike.

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